Our Mission

Our mission is to provide children who are trapped in 3rd world urban slum poverty with the support, education and faith culture they need to escape the brutal poverty they exist in,  and not only lead fulfilling lives, but also to rise and turn to help others. We are standing in the GAP. and creating bridges to freedom for these children 

Below you will read about our Public School assistance, our Gap school and our Trade School 

“they” talk about relationships in evangelism. Lot of books on that topic. For me it is more than relationships, its about family and its about culture. Ang Kultura– the culture. It is the family that is the most powerful building block of a Christian culture, a true Christian culture, A Jesus culture. When the disciples turned the city upside down, they were also turning the culture upside down.

  • We are working at growing our  private Christian school for the children of the poor which is badly needed. We call it our GAP school which we currently operate outdoors and on our third floor 

Public school support

We support children with a sponsor and also children who do not have sponsor in public school. We supply uniforms, backpacks, shoes and supplies and we help with school projects throughout the year. Access to education is a critical component of our vision here. There is much more involved than just outfitting them with what they need and supplying funds through out the school year. There are issues with food and nutrition, cramped and crowded living spaces with many siblings, no electric power, the epidemic of drug use and alcoholism and issues of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and a permeating culture of apathy, malaise, lack of direction, lack of purpose. An entire population of the poor forgotten for many decades.


There are several things going on that bring about children not in school here or not finishing even early grades, but the point is, the lack of education along with lack of growth in spiritual terms causes the repeated failed behaviors of poverty. Children of parents in poverty repeat the failures of their parents and go on to have more children trapped in physical and spiritual poverty. It is often called the Cycle of Poverty. 

We are a Hope-Link connecting children who are cut off from the functioning community at large 

the key to escaping 3rd world poverty

When we talk about closing the gap, we are talking about connecting to community, we are talking about the faith community, the educational community, the business community and the world community. What happens with third world poverty, is ISOLATION, and lack of access. The number one cause of this ISOLATION is lack of education, and THE SUPPORT they need. The number one education issue is learning English. There is also a condition of the mind whereby the children of the poor do not see themselves as fitting into school, a future, or functioning at a much higher level. They see themselves as “other than” ” outside looking in”

What we do at Hope House is work on an ever growing and more comprehensive program to bring about access to community for the children of the poor. What we are doing is opening the door to education, to economic opportunity, and to faith.

We are guiding them on a pathway out of extreme poverty and it requires financial support to do that. 

We are a hope-link to what lies beyond the confines of 3rd world urban slum poverty.

Hope House Gap school 

We are growing our own school so that children will stay plugged in, even if they drop out of public school. We are equipped and prepared to meet the challenges of children who have not had the upbringing and support that other children have. While the public school may push them out, or not provide the extra attention they need, we are prepared to do that. After they grow in our school, they can re-enter public school. They can only enter public school once a year. They can also stay with us. Our school will grow into a fully accredited private school that is designed around the needs of the children of the urban poor and street children.



Our gap school is bridging the gap for street and urban slum children who are not in school


We have homeschool every Wed, Sat, and Sun. Our goal is to grow into a full time school for children that are currently not in school. We call it our Gap School. This way they can stay plugged in until they enter public school, or when our school is realized, they could remain in our school




We have a new program here at Hope House. The young men are learning how to build furniture and also other building trades.  More will be added on this soon 

We make the children and youth aware of the many programs that they can get into and the goal plans they need to make to enter college or trade school. We guide and support them with their goal plans. Many of the children and youth have a great lack of confidence, and what has been labeled low self esteem. They lack hope. We instill hope and desire to succeed. In the poverty areas, the parents often do not have education and are not equipped to encourage their children in school, nor help them with homework. It is very difficult to focus on school when a family is focused on survival.

I worked here one year for third world wages and then Hope House Church began in April of 2010. In my experience here, I have come to understand that the most important focus of our ministry should be education.  Because of the poverty thousands of children are not in school. When children are not in school, that is when they are at highest risk to be trafficked. In the past we identified children not in school and worked to get them in school, but now we have a dual approach. We still get children in public school but now we have also started our own Christian group home school to meet the critical need. I believe this will become the driving engine of our ministry and the piece that will make the most impact for God. We also have started our new trade school 

Higher education and trade school

We will continue to grow our relationships with these and other colleges. The parents or guardians of children in slum poverty usually have very little education, and they do not make their children aware of the opportunities in front of them. We make the children and youth aware of the many programs that they can get into and the goal plans they need to make to enter college or trade school. We guide and support them with their goal plans. Many of the children and youth have a great lack of confidence, and what has been labeled low self esteem. They lack hope. We instill hope and desire to succeed. 

  • Another big project is to develop a farm whereby the people could grow food and get relief from the poverty they are in, while working as well. We will raise chickens and eggs as well. This task along with developing a private Christian school will bring huge long term benefits to the children living in extreme poverty here
  • I would like to buy one heavy duty sewing machine because we have people willing to learn and there are things we an make to earn money 

Spiritual growth is the result of practicing the truth you receive from God

Nick Sadler  You are fighting as a Victor not a victim, and if they do kill you, you have still won, and with Hope House fighting you know the war has been won, although the fight will continue, you are, David a TRUE inspiration of what a REAL follower of Jesus should be like, may God Bless you abundantly!!!

Ed Anderson: I had the opportunity to visit David and Hope House this year. David and I grew up in the same denomination. I was in Arizona and David was in New Mexico. David came to Arizona and went to college in Tempe at ASU. As I told the group here when I spoke, I knew David 40 years ago and he was a bad man. If God can change David, he can change anyone. It was amazing to see him after all these years and more amazing to see what God is doing through David, and even more amazing knowing the David before and the David today. Amazing Grace. They truly need your help, and it was obvious to us That David puts the children first in his life.


Cathy Rajewich Broadway recommends David M Wilkerson.
April 6 at 1:43 AM ·
Ive been supporting children through his ministry for 6 years. Very pleased with the pictures and videos I see of what David is doing for them and others..






Catherine Villaver 

Tito David and Hope House helped me all through school since elementary school I am in high school now. I am very thankful. Tito David also built a house for me twice. He built one house and it was lost in the fire here , and so he built another one after that.  Thank you Dil Horvat for never giving up on David. You helped so many children here. We hope to meet you someday so we can say thank you. 

I just wanted to let you know that God has put it on my heart to send you this message. What you are doing out there with Hope House is absolutely amazing and you are doing God’s work like he and Jesus commanded us. You are spreading the word of God to these mislead people and it is absolutely amazing. I pray for you and everyone you work with every day to keep you safe from Satan’s hands. May God bless those you are blessing.

We do not glorify men, I just want to point out Patrick came and lived with us for a period of time and he still supports us to this day. He saw our ministry day in and day out 24 hours a day

God Bless David & HHC!

Glenn F.——- Hope House Cebu is not just another souless charity organization operating in the slums of Mambaling. Children that live in the most wretched poverty and danger are afforded safety, new clean clothes, rice for their families. Electricity bills are paid so that a shack can have lights and children that would not even be allowed in a fast food place are taken for ice cream and the little extras that we do not give a second thought to. They are treated like creations of inestimable value and not just generic “pagan babies” to assuage Western guilt. Hope House gets them off the streets and feeds them the gospel of Jesus Christ-the most valuable beauty and power in the universe. On the HHC site you can see frequent pictures of your “children” and form relationships….touch lives and do mercy you never thought possible. If Christ’s love constrains you to act in love……consider Hope House Cebu…….

Closing the Gap by Connecting to a faith community

What education is complete without the bible?

Connecting to a genuine faith community is a game changer for real reasons. Waking up that there is a God, and the Father cares for us is critical for children growing up in the extreme negative environment of 3rd world slum poverty. Among the issues that plague the poor and cause the youth to continue in the grinding cycle of poverty are drug addiction teen pregnancy alcoholism stealing and breaking the law dropping out of school. LACK OF PURPOSE, LACK OF DIRECTION. MENTAL APATHY 

Nothing can change until the mind changes, the thoughts, the attitudes. Slum poverty cultivates a mindset that there is no hope, there is no reason to try, nobody cares. Children get cut off from school at an early age and work to bring in money. I have always said if we can just get them past the six grade, we have a chance to get them all the way through. Many of the parents and guardians did not finish the 6th grade. There are no stronger forces than those of Faith, Hope and Love. A real relationship with God and a connection with a genuine faith community is the only way to overturn and overcome the brutal and grinding culture of poverty. Only God can save them, and only God can save you and I. May you find Him now.

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TheresaMurillo  Feb. 2019

The days are getting darker & darker. The hearts of men & women…harder & harder. But, as Children of Light, we are mandanted by the Light of the World, Jesus, to ARISE & SHINE!!

I need to go over my finances & see where I can cut back & give more. I’ve got to make changes. I don’t bring in much…actually, below poverty level YET the LORD has been a generous Provider for me…almost miraculous!! So, I know I can do better in supporting this GREAT & GODLY work in Cebu, Philippines! It’s been on my mind for about a month, now, to get more involved. Prayers are important but so is cold hard cash!! LOL 
Plus, I know that the LORD wants you to be encouraged by a greater outpouring of finances because that equals MORE children being taken care of! 
You are not a fly by night...feed & clothe organization. Not even close! These kids become Family…little lambs in need of a shepherd! You are shepherding them, well, David & Ailene!!
How the Body of Christ needs more spiritual fathers & mothers!!