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As For Me and My House, We Will Serve The Lord

Children in extreme poverty are cut off from the world we take for granted. At Hope House we have created a community that accepts, supports, educates and lifts up these children. We are truly a Hope-Link 

English classes on the third floor,we also teach bible there this is really important Even though its just our house its the start of building up a private Christian school that will adapt to the needs of the children in extreme poverty When the children drop out of school they cant get back in until June , once a year


which is why I call it our Gap School– Hope House in Cebu City Philippines


We currently teach Bible and English and are working at building up a school that will be fully accredited and certified. 

Jan Eoff Explain a bit about dropping out??? What factors contribute to this?
  • David Wilkorson the problem is lack of parents, either no parents or the parents are compromised by drugs, no education etc. The children dont have the support they need in the first place and drop out… clothes, food, basic needs, and the parents are not educated. There is a big darkness of the mind.. Many children are with grand parents or other relatives, we have several living in our house because they were exploited. not only are they not in school, because of the lack of a real family they are vulnerable to predators and syndicates
  • Jan Eoff I see. I knew that they had to have uniforms and there isn’t any free lunch programs.
  • David Wilkorson Jan Eoff shacks or homeless, no power or indoor water, lack of food, lack of emotional support, zero spiritual support. medical problems.
  • David Wilkorson they have ongoing school projects and we give the sponsored children money every Saturday for school. its a lot more than the start up of uniforms and supplies etc
  • Jan Eoff thanks..I think it’s good to see it spelled out.
  • David Wilkorson Jan Eoff yes for sure

Bible times are Wed Sat and Sun

Hope house kids participate in outreaches

We feed the children daily at Hope House and larger feedings on the weekend


We were happy to have barangay police and task force officers assist us at this recent outreach in the Alaska barangay

We passed out over 1000 lbs of rice and fed 500 a meal. During these outreaches we identify those children who are most vulnerable to trafficking. We also find those children who are NOT in school. We work to bring them into our group and get them sponsors so that they can go to school.

Recent outreach in the Alaska barangay . Feeding 200 children. We often go into the severe poverty areas and feed the childred

Feeding in the urban poverty slums 


feeding and ministry to homeless children living on the sidewalks 

shopping for the children 

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Passing out food for the children


The Early days in the old yard 


David’s ministry is all about the CHILDREN. I have not met him personally…but I’ve had countless conversations with David via messenger over the last 5 years and supported him and believe 100 % he’s doing what he says and shows he’s doing over Facebook.

Kathryn Bateman 

David you and your family and team are constantly in our prayers and I just want to say thank you to God for giving you this privilege of working with these precious children

Barbara Davies 

Janet Lakey  

September 6, 2018

David is honest and caring. He cares for the children and works to help them and keep them safe. He helps put them in school and prepare them to be able to get jobs in the future. I recommend support for David, both financial and physical.

This man runs a ministry worth supporting.He speaks truth, and lives it

Carmel Carlson