We help pay for a wide variety of medical needs, prescriptions and over the counter medicines.  There have been times we raised money for a serious medical issue and hospitilization. 

taking Mary Joy for medicine for her arm infections 

We are paying for the medical care of this 5 month old boy who is malnourished.   August 2018 . That is Bing Bing in the photo 

We had a medical mission at our old location at Isla Illegre 

Karin Stone   David M Wilkerson 
May 28, 2018

Our sponsoring program

Read about how we support the children in school 

We buy school clothes and regular clothes and we supply rice and food. 

We  take the children on swimming trips, out shopping and eating out, and we have fun activities and learning at our place. 

We can only get the children in school In June each year. We provided education to keep them plugged in until that time. 

We connect children to our extended faith family 

We provide for many minor medical needs for the children and sometimes more serious illness.