June newsletter and the class of 2019

Time flies, its been over nine years now since Hope House started and every year we have outfitted more children for school than the previous year. I appreciate all of you that have joined me in this fight for the children here who are in great need in all aspects of their lives. 

What is Hope House?  Hope House is simply a church and we are doing what a church should be doing. We are the body of Christ and Christ lives in us. We are doing the works of Jesus in our ministry here. 

Hope House Class of 2019 .

some who were late for the group photo 

Karen Rowan is coming to Hope House Sept 14 and will be staying a week. 

Children who recently got a sponsor 

Jeff Trotter was here in April  representing his organization. They have helped us since the early days of Hope House. They give us financial support for our anti trafficking efforts. Jeff follows up with people that were here at his last visit, and interviews new people. He also brought in outside translators who translated for him during the interviews 

Duane Cogburn and his wife Anita visited in early Feb 2019. Also visting was Ed Anderson. They are from Sierra Vista Arizona.  Bro, Duane said “We praise God for what He is doing through David at Hope House”

Nathan Cogburn 

my parents were there as missionaries in Feb. My dad is an elder and has been doing missionary trips to the Philippines for about 5 years. The report They brought back is that this ministry is doing great work and making a lot of impact with minimal funds

As always our visitors have great reports about Hope House.

Link to the page with our people on it below.  

Buddy was hit and run over by a motorcycle who fled the scene. God was really with Buddy and he has no injuries and is doing fine. Thank you to everyone who prayed for Buddy 

Our most recent trafficking victim. 

We have been doing more ministry with boys who do not have their fathers. 

Lord Willing we plan to have the second floor completed this year. We will then  move on to the third floor. We don’t require paneling, or carpet or etc. on the interior. We are used to living without all those things. Its just the necessary construction. 

It’s raining inside the house 

This little boy was homeless with his mom and not in school. We got his documents and got him in school 

We have several newer children from one area and they have been good to come to church. 

More newer children 

Our goals are to continue to develop our school 

Continue with housing 

sponsor more children 

Continue with our trafficking ministry 

Continue with our feeding programs 

Joella has been helping teach English and bible at our school times 

Scarlet has been helping teach the younger children. 

some recent baptisms 

Margie grew up in the tough Alaska barangay. She has been doing very well staying in school and active at church. She has had to stick with it despite her living conditions and the environment around here. 

Melanie as a street child and Melanie today. She had no hope without Hope House 

Ronelin grew up in the Alaska barangay amidst start poverty. She has take advantage of her sponsorship and used it to do well in school and make friends that are good. She is an amazing success story .

More Alaska girls who are doing well