July News from Hope House

Ian Hanna As always what God is doing through hope house team is beautiful.

We are a bible believing and bible following group. 

We are happy to report a genuine miracle healing. Nicel contracted Dengue Fever which is a serious virus carried by mosquitoes here. We went to pray for her at the hospital and also many prayed for her at our group page. Nicel recovered fully in hours and was released from the hospital. This is a genuine miracle and healing from God. 

Photos from our most recent church and bible time 

We continue to work on our house and when the third floor is completed some homeless single mothers and their children will be moving in. The house will go up five stories. 
Karen Rowan is coming to visit in September 


What other visitors have said 


We continue to have the goal of acquiring some land and raising chickens and eggs and growing produce. We will continue with this goal until it is realized. 
We meet Wed, Saturday and Sundays and teach the bible as well as English , and we have our feeding program at our place. We also go out on outreach and feed in the urban poverty slums and feed homeless children who are on the street. 
Adel,  Joella, and Scarlet as well as others help with our school.

From the founder of Hope House. 

Ministry is certainly a challenge. I was sitting in a church in Corpus Christi Tx one time, and the pastor said “if there is anything else you can do, then do that.” I kinda wondered what he meant by that. I think I know today. Ministry is a calling that removes all other possibilities. There is nothing else I can do. As ministers of the gospel, we are truly prisoners of Christ as Paul said. Another thing I didn’t understand until now. We can’t walk away even if we want to. We are chained to the cross just as surely if the chains were visible. I don’t like it here. I don’t like the weather, the heat, the squalor, the things that make little sense. I don’t like the apathy, the lying, the blind acceptance of things that never brought any good change and never will. I don’t like the acceptance of hopelessness. I don’t like the mind that believes it will never get any better. I don’t like children dying when they don’t have to. I don’t like ignorance. The bible says where there is no vision, the people perish, and it says my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. If ever there was a place those passages of scripture were written, this is the place. The poverty grinds away at you. It draws the life out of you. It pulls you down to a place where you accept it also. You are lying to yourself if you say this place doesn’t change you. How many who came to help and have fled for one real reason, and that was their sanity. Maybe thats my advantage, I was already insane when I came here and nothing has changed. I am insane enough to keep caring, to keep trying in the face of hopeless odds. I am insane enough to keep loving. Why? I could not tell you why, though some would give a scripture ” because He first loved us.” I could say that, but I don’t think I would be genuine. I really don’t know why I care. I really don’t know why I love them. I do not know why I would die for them. I look out over the children from a place I do not know where I am, and I see them, but I do not see them. I just say, Dear God help me. 

Recent photos.  We go out and pass out food and also some cash to homeless children and families. We invite them to church. We also work to get the children in school. 
We are always feeding the children at Hope House . We serve 
Peanut butter sandwiches                       Bread                                     spaghetti 
Tuna sandwiches                                       Juice                                       Fruit salad 
Chicken sandwiches                                 Egg Sandwiches                    Ice Cream 
Ham sandwiches                                       Pancit Canton                     Chicken Soup 
French Fries                                                Rice                                        Pancakes 
B-B-Q chicken and fish                              Corned beef                    Dried fish 
hamburgers                                                  Chili Con Carne 
We continue to see more boys at our bible times 

Some of our kids that are doing exceptionally well 

Ana Riza

April Anne 






Mary Cris 





helping with needs is fine, but handouts are not the answer. It helps the children stay in school and thats the primary reason we do it. What is desperately needed is a scructure that builds. The people we help need education and work. To that end we are working towards developing our school and when we get it moved into a building we will get the needed certifications to be a private Christian School. We also need a farm where people can work and produce food and a small income. The biggest mistake I made here was not directing money into these projects. Its very hard because the need is so great and we never can meet it. Lets determine that we will get these projects well on the way. We need your help, or we can’t do it. Its up to you and not us. I have 10 years experience now and I dont think thats a light thing. The number one goal is to deliver the gospel, but the gospel is not the gospel without real help. Talk is cheap. Talk doesnt work. Love has to be translated into real programs that work.

Thank you very much, We appreciate all of you .  Thank you for being their bridge to a future.