Jan 2020 Hope House News

The bottom line is this. These children don’t need “church” or religion. They need people who actually and really care about them. I do care. My history here has proven that over and over again. That is the heart of the gospel. To love God and others as ourselves. … David Wilkerson

Hope House is a love story

David, Ailene, Ezekiel  and Elijah

Thank you to all of you who pray and support this ministry. We want you to know that we appreciate you very much, Its been a very busy time here over December and January. Hope House is growing and we now sponsor more children than we ever have. At the time of this newsletter we sponsor 135 children and we are moving on to 150 children. We praise God for all He has done here. You are on our website, so we invite you to look around while you are here. Thank you very much

This video says a lot about what we are doing here. Hope House is a love story

We paid the attorney fees and the application fee and submitted our application to the IRS for the 501 3c status. We are waiting for that to be processed.

Our Staff

With the exception of Julie, our certified teacher, all our staff have been in Hope House 10 years

I want you to understand this staff developed over 10 years. It was for me a slow process to get to this place. Our staff is real and Im happy to report that they are learning and growing. Some will most likely be very key to our future growth. I believe with all my heart that we will grow, and faster than the slow pace of before. It takes time to build things that are worthwhile. It takes the grace of God, time and a lot of work.

Pastor Lemuel is our Cebuano language pastor. He has a masters degree in theology.

Julie is our certified teacher and teaches English as a second language here.


Adel is head of childrens bible


Joshua is an admin assistant and our main photographer. Joshua is in college taking computer courses.


Jhoella is an admin assistant and childrens bible worker. She is an honor student in high school


Jenny is an admin assistant and also works in our trafficking ministry

Rhechelle is an honor student in college taking courses to be a teacher. She teaches English in our English classes

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Nicko is an admin assistant

Tala is utility and also works in our trafficking ministry


Abby works in our trafficking ministry


Dolor works in our trafficking ministry

Lyster is head  utility

Shaina Mae works in childrens bible

Mary Lou works in childrens bible


Scarlett works in childrens bible

Chawal is utility


Mak Mak is utility

Rocky is utility

Jaylord is utility


Reggie is utility 

Children drop out of school here because of lack of support at home, which includes not having the money for lunch, school projects and etc. When the children drop out of school, they can not re-enter school until the following June. This allows the child to fall behind, and making it even harder for them to succeed. Children are at a much greater risk to be trafficked when they are not in school.

I can’t stress enough that many of the children in urban slum poverty do not have the support they need to not only rise out of poverty, but also to know the salvation that comes through Jesus Christ.

In the process of standing in the Gap for these children, we also teach the bible and proclaim the great news of salvation. It is our goal to continue to grow our school until it is a full private Christian school meeting the needs of the children who are cut off

The House

The Roof is finished on the house

Our English school is on the third floor

pouring concrete floor

December 24 dinner

We had our Dec 24 dinner on the third floor this year. Everyone had a great time.

Recent Outreaches

We have both smaller and larger outreaches. We feed the children and pass out rice. Very happy to have barangay police and task force helping us

Over time we form relationships with people and their children, and those children with one or no parents. We work to get them the support they need to get in school and stay in school

On this larger outreach in the Alaska barangay we passed out over 1000 lbs of rice and gave out 500 meals


Hope House kids participate in our outreaches


Outreach in Pasil


Outreach in Mandaue


Duljo outreach. Duljo is the toughest slum in Cebu City

We know the family of the man who was shot on the street. They have relatives in our church. We were able to sponsor one daughter and the baby who now have no father. We also provided assistance. He was the primary wage earner.

THIS IS A GRAPHIC VIDEO SHOWING A MAN SHOT TO DEATH BY THE ROAD … It also shows the wife and his daughter arriving on the seen. WARNING….   DONT WATCH

Outreach to the Homeless

While we normally help homeless street children, we recently picked Robert up off the street and brought him to our house. He was going to die of starvation and dehydration


Robert is sitting up and able to talk now

Feeding program at our house

We are very thankful to the people who answer God and send the funds we need to feed the children


https://hope-house-ministries-international-inc.com/— Pay pal you can also give here.



Outreach to street children

We reach out to families and children living on the sidewalks. We pass out food and money. We invite them to church. We also pray with them and pass along bible verses.


Trafficking outreach

This is a very sensitive and complex part of our ministry and we are not going to publish a lot about that other than to say that we minister to the needs of young girls who are caught up in trafficking and also if they want to get out of that. They require support so they can go to school and their survival needs. You can find more information on our page on this website

Trafficking Philippines Ministry

Sex for food

They get the bible here.

We know that prayer works


Thank you very much if you got this far. Lets keep going and growing. All PRAISE TO GOD!