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Patrick Moore ,

I have been a Hope House supporter since 2012, when I felt convicted by God to begin donating. I have been a monthly donor since then, and continue to be one to this day.

Over the years I have been amazed at the sheer volume of posts, thoughts, Bible verses, photos and videos documenting the journey there. I mean literally tens of thousands of photos that I have seen personally, as well as thousands of videos, of which there are so many I have been unable to watch them all. In addition I am friends with others on Facebook who have visited there and personally witnessed their ministry in action. They are some of my most valued Facebook friends, and I trust what they have written about Hope House. In addition, I am friends with over 20 of the children/adults who have been part of Hope House’s success, some since 2013. I have watched them grow in the photos from children into beautiful young men and women of God. Their stories and lives are a testimony to what God is doing there. They all tell the real story – the story of a man who has sacrificed EVERYTHING for them, and for God. 

It is my opinion that there is no possible way that all of what I have seen could have been faked. Not by a long shot. And the posts speak for themselves – EVERYTHING there is well-documented down to the last detail. That is how David earned my trust and my support, and I will continue to support this ministry.


Jeff Trotter is coming to visit April 21 

Serving the children of the Philippines since April 2010 

Recent Saturday night bible 

Ashley graduates college 

Andy and his wife Marilynne also came to visit and we took a group swimming at the Cebu Wetlands Resort. We took around 60 children swimming. 

From |Andy 

And let us be concerned about one another in order to promote love and good works,
Hebrews 10:24

Its been an amazing honour to see the work Jesus Christ is doing through David Wilkerson and his wife Aileen with the poor in their part of Cebu.

Great to hear the testimonies of what God has done , and my hope and prayer is that many more individuals and churches get behind this much needed ministry.
This rough and tough place needs a rough diamond like David to survive here, it aint for the weak hearted and as i soon learnt David is a diamond in the rough.

I hope some day God will allow me the honour to return there soon . Rest assure the haters will keep on hating Hope House because religious people hate the move of God and of the Holy Spirit. Jesus experienced much the same with the pharisees so we shouldnt expect anything less when we obey God’s calling on our lives. .

“Hope House is real, the proof is right here in front of my eyes”  Andy Curtis 

Brother Duane and his wife Anita and Ed Anderson were here to visit from Sierra Vista Arizona. They gave us a silver generator for medical purposes. Bro. Duane said ‘We praise God for what He is doing at Hope House.”

Duane Cogburn shared a post.

22 hrs

David Wilkerson ministry in Cebu City. An amazing labor or love for those in need. I have been there and this work is real and worthy. Thank you David.

Duane Cogburn David, please keep up the fight for God’s principles and I Thank you and your wife for the brave ministry to the ones that need your help at the grass roots level.

Prior to Andy and his wife coming and the church team from Arizona we had long visits from Joe and Rodger. 

Joe Prusac ( posted on Joes Facebook) 
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My name is Joe Prusac, I am 48 years old I am visiting HopeHouse Church from Australia. I arrived Sat October 20 and stayed at a hotel two days and then have been staying at Hope House till now. 
I have been following Hope House for some time and I had a dream when I was in my teens to do missionary work.. 
I have to tell you that my experience here has been life changing. It is overwhelming, amazing, I can’t find all the words to tell you.  I feel like I was sent by God to tell the true story of Hope House. David talks about huge things matter of factly like they are small. I truly don’t think he knows what God has done through him here. 
David is a true inspiration. He is selfless, caring and kind. What he has done and is doing is beyond human.

Our biggest focus here is what I call our Gap School. Too many children are out of school and we can only get them in school once a year in June. Too many of those children drop out of school because of lack of support at home. We want to grow our school and have the children not in school come there. In the meantime we have school WED, SAT and SUN at our place. We can buy the building and land directly behind us for 16,000.00 and that is what we would like to do. We could have a formal school inside a building there. A LOVING AND CARING SCHOOL THAT UNDERSTANDS THEIR SITUATION IS THE MOST CRITICAL NEED OF THE CHILDREN IN POVERTY HERE. 

Our feeding program is every WED, SAT and SUN after bible