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Patrick Cole shared David M Wilkerson’s video.
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I visited “Hope House Cebu” already 3 1/2 years ago, in the summer of 2014. It’s a Christian church and ministry in Cebu, Philippines that’s main focus is to provide the extremely impoverished children of that area with the Gospel of Jesus, food, clothing, educational needs, medical needs and potentially shelter as well. They also endeavor to minister to girls, and boys, who are involved in prostitution and sex-trafficking, both prevention and, when necessary, intervention. David M Wilkerson is the man who leads it and went to Cebu of his own will 9 years ago in 2009. He left a life that was void of God and handed it over to Christ and now God has him serving the poor people of this region. He said God laid on his heart, about the children there, “You help the kids, and I’ll help you.” He is a man of God and really is using the money that is donated to him for the purpose of helping these people. Lord willing, I’ll go back and help him and this church within the next year.


Mike Morton 
i have known david and hope house’s ministry for some time now. there are few ministries i will call out and declare as totally legitimate… and david’s ministry is one of those. david does an amazing work, he serves as the hands of Jesus bringing love, comfort and ministry to the lost and broken… he has the heart of Christ that breaks over the tears of the people in cebu… he doesn’t just talk the talk in order to bring in donations… he walks the walk… and even when donations and support are nearly non existant he continues to minister, giving sacrificially of his own self and resources that the love of Christ might be shown to the people around him.he serves the Lord in humility and honesty, in the power of the Holy Spiirt and demonstrates the true love of God.I AM PROUD TO STAND WITH AND SUPPORT HOPE HOUSE IN CEBU PHILIPINES, AND THE WORK THAT DAVID IS DOING THERE.

Beverly Lynnt 
Bruce D 
Honest, hard working man. I don’t think he has enough food, medicine or rest for himself because he is always out there feeding and helping kids

Betty Jean · 3:38 David, I know your real, I have been praying for you for a few years now …and I sure see answered prayers, all the time, you have a wonderful ministry here, you help many, thank you from my heart for saving so many children’s lives and souls…Bless Your Ministry Greatly …Amen…