August 2020 newsletter

Update for school. There will be modules classes starting in September. Teachers will travel around and give out work to do. We will be supplying all our children with needed school supplies 

Big thank you for all the support and prayers for Laiza.

She was dying because she could not eat due to injury to her throat.  We were able to raise the money to get her help and she is currently home and doing much better. 

Great Job everyone!!! 


Thank You for reading our newsletter. It’s been a challenging time for everyone around the world, and we have had our challenges here. There are three kinds of lockdowns Enhanced Community Quarantine and General Community Quarantine. We have been mostly under ECQ. That means that only the big grocery stores are open, some hardware and drug. The children have been locked down into their sitios, which are subdivisions of the barangays. The city is divided up into districts or what they call barangays. We have not been able to assemble for church, but we have some with people who live in our area close. I have surely missed having the children over three times a week and more and our church services. The last type of lockdown is a total lockdown with nobody in or out for that barangay, and there have been several barangays under total lockdown. 

What total lockdown looks like here

Scenes from lockdowns here

What we have been doing is taking grocery bags to the children who are sponsored and we have done some feeding, but because they don’t social distance, we have been advised not to do that. We can manage to do that some through our people who live in each area. People who dont live in a particular area that  is locked down can’t enter, so we use people who live there. We also have been sending money through Palawan wire service to the adult in the families of sponsored children. When there have been rations on buying food, we have gone out and given the children money. 

As always these photos represent a fraction of the giving here.

Some of our Covid food shopping, these photos represent thousands of dollars in food shopping

Some of our youth have returned to school and are taking online classes. We have been able to supply cellphones for some for this.  This is some but not all of them 

We continued on the house during Covid. As you can see, we made a lot of progress.

We have three areas we work in to lift the children as they grow up out of the crippling poverty where they have no hope. 

  1. Public school support 
  2. Our own Christian school 
  3.  Our building trades school and woodworking shop. 

We are looking for a heavy duty sewing machine that will enable some to learn sewing and also earn money 

The boys are learning skills

We want to expand on what they have been learning building the house and have them learn to make some furniture, as well as some standard things, like doors and cabinets. They can sell them to earn money. 

Future Goals: We continue to have the goal of getting some space in order to have a small farm where again they can work to earn money and also provide food 

Despite the many challenges of very strict lockdowns and quarantines, we have maintained our children, and have continued with our goals. We are very thankful for this. 

Gods Love 

Gods amazing grace 

You are on our website, so look around. It is always in some phase of being updated. 

Some of the crew. 


I have been in Hope House over 10 years. I am in college now. I was able to go to college because of Tito David and all the support that I got.  I am thankful to God and all the supporters and your prayers. I know my life is much different than it would have been without Hope House. I do have a hope and a future. 

Edelle Grace

Tito David is very funny and makes me laugh. He makes me forget my problem. I have changed a lot over these 10 years. I have goals and I work for them. Many here don’t have a direction or goals. God gives us those things. 


I am an honor student in high school and my ambition is accounting. I am where I am today because of Hope House. My family had many problems and without the help I got, I would not be here today. I work at Hope House as well as go to school online for now because of the Covid. 


I love my son very much and he gives me love and strength. I made mistakes, but Tito David is a great guide and advisor. It is God who we must trust and do His will. Im very excited for the future.