Our Team

David, Ailene, Ezekiel and Elijah

Pastor Lemuel is our Cebuano language pastor. He has a masters degree in theology.


Julie is our certified teacher and teaches English as a second language here.


Adel is head of childrens bible


Joshua is an admin assistant and our main photographer. Joshua is in college taking computer courses.


Jhoella is an admin assistant and childrens bible worker. She is an honor student in high school

Jenny is an admin assistant and also works in food service 

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Rhechelle is an honor student in college taking courses to be a teacher. She teaches English in our English classes

Nicko is an admin assistant


Tala is utility 


Abby works in our trafficking ministry

Dolor works in our trafficking ministry

Lyster is head  utility. Lyster is in college taking computer courses

Shaina Mae works in childrens bible


Mary Lou works in childrens bible

Scarlett works in childrens bible

Edelle is an assistant 


Reggie is utility

Chawal is utility


Mak Mak is utility

Rocky is utility

Jaylord is utility


Hope House church officially began around April of 2010, but I had already been doing some of the things that we do here. I worked a year here for third world wages and when Hope House started, It became impossible to work on my home based call center job and do a good job with Hope House. It has been an amazing journey. Two years after arriving here I married my wife Ailene.  We now have two boys Ezekiel and Elijah. They are a great joy in our lives. The doctor told Ailene she could not have children, but as we see the doctor was wrong.

Partially translated from the Cebuano to English

I am Adel and I am the sister in law of Tito Dave. I was saved at the Hope House. When Tito Dave first came here we did not know what he was doing. I was just worried about food and material things, but I helped with the cooking and I helped Tito Dave because he gave me money to help. I also started to help because I liked to be a part of things. Sometimes Tito Dave would come and tell me that I did not love God, and I was not really a Christian and he would tell me I was hiding from church pretending to be busy. When I was saved, I was sick with a liver problem, and the doctor said that I was going to die. Tito Dave came to me in the hospital and he also paid for me there. He talked to the doctor. He said to me, well it looks like you might really die, I talked to the doctor. I started crying and said I dont want to die, I have a daughter and son. Am I really going to die? and Tito Dave said, I think its time Adel to surrender to God, and give your life to Jesus. Only God can help you now. I don’t have the power to heal you, but God can do it. Tito Dave left to go home, and I did not sleep. In the night I cried out to God to save me and let me live and let me be with my children. I cried all night. Tito showed up the next day and told me I heard you got saved last night, and I think you are healed, why don’t you call the doctor in and have them check up on you. That night before I was saved and healed by the mighty Lord Jesus Christ and I will love my Lord all my life.


In loving memory of Geema. She was sponsored by Dil Horvat and we have been seeing to her needs for many years. Because of her condition, she did not come to our house, she did come a few times. Ailene recently went to see Geema along with some Hope House girls and they brought her the usual things she needed. One of those things was milk as she did not eat solid food. Geema passed away last night, and Ailene was very sad to hear about it today from me. Geema always responded to Ailene and I and Adel. She would smile and her mother would smile and say look Geema knows you. Geema was 17 years old. When Ailene came home with the photo the last time, I told her, oh Geema does not look well, I think God is going to take her, I feel that. You are not going to suffer any longer baby girl, and we know you are with Jesus tonight in your beautiful new body. We will see you again, and thank you for being a blessing in our lives…